“I Am the Righteousness of Christ”

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There has been a lot of talk lately about God’s Justice being released on the earth. That we as Christians should agree in petitioning the God of Justice, Our Heavenly Father to send His Justice in the earth. 

Something about asking Father to send Justice bothered me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what that was, so I asked Holy Spirit. The following is the revelation that He revealed to me.

He gently showed me that I had a SECRET FEAR! (one that I was completely unaware of). I secretly and fearfully believed that if I asked for God’s justice that there may be some secret, forgotten (by me) sin that I would reap a harvest from. That thought, buried deep in my subconscious, kept me paralyzed from boldly running to my Heavenly Daddy about my much needed justice. Like so many in the body of Christ, the enemy has really stolen a lot from me in this last season, but this secret fear was preventing me from demanding vindication.

     Holy Spirit reminded me that “my righteousness” was not based on things I’ve done or things that I’ve left undone. Don’t misunderstand me! I have heard those words most of my Christian life, but in some yet unrevealed place in my heart of hearts it was still head knowledge and not living, breathing heart knowledge. But as Holy Spirit opened up my understanding  that my righteousness was ONLY based on my faith of believing that Jesus took all those things on the cross, I was able to slip on HIS Robe of Righteousness because of what He had done! I’m no longer afraid to ask my DADDY for His Justice, because when He looks at me HE can’t see my sins (past, present, or future). He only sees Christ’s Righteousness! How gloriously cool is that!

Maybe you are like me, I was as close as a hair, but I was missing it by a mile! I can never be perfect enough in myself to gain even a shred of righteousness – my very best is as filthy rags! But in CHRIST, just believing that He took all my imperfections, my hangups, and sins when He died on the cross, and in return, He gave me a Beautiful Robe of Righteousness. That my friend, is truly AMAZING LOVE!


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Shhhhh! Holy Spirit is whispering . . . 

What Do You want?

If God said to me, if He said to you, I’ll give you anything you want (as He asked Solomon) what would our response be? Anything with God is, just that, ANYTHING! Our heart’s desires, total health, abundant wealth, longevity of life, and the list goes on and on endlessly – what would we ask for?

Yet with every choice available to him, Solomon simply chose an understanding mind and a hearing heart to do the job God had called, appointed, and anointed him to do (1 Kings 3:9, AMP). Wow! Solomon asked for the one thing, the highest blessing, we can ask for — to be supplied the ability to do the very thing God has called us to do!!!

You know the truth is God has asked us that same question. What do you want? With Matthew 7: 7-8, He tells us to ask and it will be given to us! He’s basically saying, WHAT DO YOU WANT? 

What do YOU want? If like Solomon, it is wisdom to do what He has called you to do — my dear freind, you have it! Just rest in His Presence and RECEIVE!


God’s word says “in the shadow of Your wings will I take refuge and be confident until calamities and destructive storms are passed.” (Psalm 57:1b) So many references are made in His word about Him covering us with His wings — protecting us! 

 But sometimes He just CARRIES US! 

Shhh! Holy Spirit is whispering . . .

God’s Favor

image“And Jesus increased in wisdom and statue, and in favor with God and man.” Luke 2:52

Wouldn’t we all love to have that written or said about us! I especially want us to focus on the last part of that scripture. “He increased . . . In favor with God and man.”
How do we increase in favor with God? By working on our relationship with Him, by spending time with Him, by loving on Him . . . But you can’t work to earn it — it is a gift from God!

How do we get favor with men? It too is a gift from God. He can ordain that we are favored by others at any given time, but our favor only reaches as far as our love. God will not give you favor with people that you do not love. He’ll not position you with favor to reach those that your have judged or criticized. When we talk negatively about people, we immediately have stopped the release of the favor that we needed to win them for Christ’s Kingdom!

May the Lord gift you with both . . . Favor with God and man to bring His Kingdom to earth!

Shhh . . . Holy Spirit is whispering!

Who Are You?


 I received a revelation a couple of days ago that I believe pertains to the Body of Christ’s Hidden Ones. So many of us have been in a waiting season, and there are lots of prophesies about God’s Hidden Ones being revealed. I want to share with you something that the Lord showed me about David’s life when he was hidden, and his attitude about his unveiling!

      I Samuel 16:19-23 (Amp), “So Saul sent messengers to Jesse and said, Send me David your son, who is with the sheep.”

v.21 – “And David came to Saul and served him, Saul became very fond of him, and he became his armor-bearer.”

          v.22 – “Saul sent to Jesse, saying, Let David remain in my service, for he pleases me.”

       So, David had been anointed by Samuel at God’s directive earlier in Chapter 16, and then went back to the obscurity of tending sheep. But God’s anointing will not let you remain hidden forever. Proverbs 18:16 says, “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men.”  David’s gift certainly did that. His harp playing brought him into the palace where his gift was recognized and where he found favor.

       I Samuel 17:15  says, “But David went back and forth from Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Bethlemen.”  That’s a huge contrast! From being recognized as gifted to going back to just a shepherd boy could have been a humiliating journey, but David’s character that got him to the palace remained in tack through the journey.

       Fast forward our story to I Samuel 17: 31-39 where we have David volunteering to kill the giant, Goliath. We see in verses 32-39 a face to face dialogue is recorded between King Saul and David. We all know the story David goes out and kills the giant. Now let’s look at verse 55 of the same chapter.

       I Samuel 17:55-56 says, “When Saul saw David go out against the Philistine, he said to Abner, the captain of the host, Abner, whose son is this youth? And Abner said, As your soul lives, O king, I cannot tell.”

      “And the king said, Inquire whose son the stripling is.

       Wait a minute! The King didn’t KNOW David? He didn’t recognize him? David was the one over in Chapter 16 that found favor with the King! The word says he was very fond of him and he became his armor-bearer! And now less than a chapter later, King Saul doesn’t even recognize him! How can that possibly be? Sure we don’t know the time frame here. It could have been a few years between David’s first trip to the palace and him slaying Goliath.  Still, someone that had blessed you so much that tormenting spirits left you, one would think that the person would have left such an impression on you that you wouldn’t soon be forgetting them.

       In verse 58, Saul asks David personally “Whose son are you, young man?” If David had of been somewhat confused as to why King Saul hadn’t acknowledged knowing him in verses 31-39, when he was questioning him and giving him the king’s armor, there was no doubt now! The King didn’t even remember him!

       Nevertheless, when directly confronted with knowing that King Saul really didn’t remember him, David’s humble character came through! He had just killed the Giant that everyone was afraid of. He could have been offended at King Saul’s lapse of memory, instead David took the high road which was really the low, humble road. Instead of pitching a fit and being insulted that the King didn’t even remember him, he simply said, “I am the son of your servant Jesse of Bethlehem.” He didn’t say, “Hey are you crazy? I’m the dude who made evil spirits leave you! “, or he could have insultingly, embarrassed the King by exposing his blatant lapse of memory to one and all! But not David! His true character shone through – I’m just the son of your servant!

       Many of you, Hidden Ones, have been to the palace! You’ve operated in your gifts before kings or important persons, only, like David, to be forgotten by man. Well, I’m here to remind you that man might have forgot you but Your God has not! Sometimes God’s servants go to the palace, but then they are forgotten until God does the Supernatural in their lives! Until He calls you to kill a giant!

       I just want to encourage you today to run towards the Giant in your life in Jesus’ name. David could have let doubt and fear trip him up. After Saul didn’t recognize him, he could have listened to the enemy’s whispers. “Who do you think you are trying to kill a giant? You’re so unimportant that the King has completely forgotten who you are!” But He refused to listen to the enemy. And he also refused to rise up in PRIDE! He wasn’t puffed up about killing a giant! He knew it was the Lord’s victory! He didn’t boast of his accomplishments of being the King’s harp player or armor-bearer. He didn’t berate the King for forgetting him. He just humbly stated, “I am the son of your servant”.

       Dear Hidden Ones, when God shows you your giant, do as David did and run towards the battle in the Mighty Name of Jesus! And once the giant is Supernaturally defeated, take your place back in the palace! No longer hidden, but put on display for God’s Glory in the position that He has placed you in to bring His Kingdom to earth where you are! But when that day arrives, and it is coming speedily, remember to continue to walk in the humility that you had when you were just a hidden shepherd boy!

       Come forth Hidden Ones! Let’s kill some Giants!   

Jesus = My Goal

Jesus loving me

I had a beautiful experience with Sweet Jesus yesterday that I want to share with you. Mainly, I just want to get it written down so I will always remember it and can revisit this gold nugget should I ever need to. But you are welcome to come along on the recounting of my journey.

I recently had a recurrence of an on-going trial that has assaulted my life over the past few years. I’m not going to share the specifics of my trial because any recurring trial, thorn in the flesh, or resurfacing problem would apply. Just fill in the blank with your trial and see if it applies to you.

Looking face-to-face at this monster again , I felt trapped, hedged in, confused, and hurt. Trapped because here I am again, and I can’t change or fix this.  Hedged in because there was no where to run to get away from it. Confused because God had not rescued me, and hurt because He had not delivered me — and I believed He had told me He would!

I came before Jesus and told Him that I wasn’t mad, but I was hurt because I had believed that He had told me that this wouldn’t happen again, that I wouldn’t have to face this giant again. I knew it wasn’t truth, but in my heart of hearts I felt like He had let me down. I didn’t know what to do with what I was facing in the natural, what I was feeling, and what I believe He had promised.

How many of your know that Jesus meets you right where you are at! In a vision, He begin reassuring me that what I had heard was TRUTH. Beseeching me to please believe Him and not believe my natural eyes or my feelings! Holy Spirit began to whisper,

“It’s only temporary! Just Believe Me, and Trust ME!”

My heart absolutely melted! I dropped everything (all the promises, all the Words, all the prophesies, all the gifts) and just ran into my Jesus’ arms and collapsed crying! Telling Him that even if He had lied to me (& I knew He had not) that I could not make it without HIM! 

As I came out of the vision, I realized that with all the delayed, unfulfilled promises that I had withdrawn to some extent from Jesus being my Lover, and had went to the safe place of Him just being my Lord. I wasn’t being immoral. I was serving Him by serving others. I was obeying …. except the first commandment! “Thou shall have no other God’s before me!”

In my trial, I became so fearful of the wind and the waves (the unknown, uncertainties of not knowing) that I took my eyes off of Jesus and began looking to the promises and words that He had spoken about the future to give me peace. I stopped looking at the Prince of Peace and only to the promises He had spoken! Those are two completely different things! If I’m going after knowledge of future events so that the unknown will become known so that I will not be afraid, then I’ve missed my step and the waves will overtake me! Basically, what I’m saying in my heart is I need to know what’s going to happen to prepare myself so I can make it. Doesn’t sound like I was depending on Jesus does it? 

Foreknowledge, prophesies, and promises had become an idol that I was looking to instead of looking to my loving Jesus! But you know what? There was no condemnation, no tongue lashing, just a sweet, “Welcome Back! I love you!” He is amazing!

Webster says a goal is the end or final purpose to which a person aims to reach or accomplish! I aim to reach and accomplish being conformed to Jesus as my only purpose for breathing. I want Him to always be Who and What I look to for my peace! My heart’s desire is that He is my GOAL! Not the things that He promises! Not foreknowledge of secrets that He has revealed! Just Him, and Him alone!

Shhh! Holy Spirit is whispering . . .


Mighty Dads


dad with childs hand

Malachi 4:6 is being fulfilled before our very eyes! God is turning the hearts of the Fathers back to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers!

This generation of dads are not satisfied to sit on the sidelines and just watch their children or only work for their children. This generation of Dads are hands-on, that’s-my-child Dads and they are totally involved — from picking out nursery paint, to changing dirty diapers, to taking the 3:00 a.m. feedings so moms can get some rest! Heaven applauds you and the Godly stand you are taking as nurturing heads of your households!

My sons and son-in-loves are among these Mighty Dads of God and I am so proud of them all! It is a glory to watch God’s prophesy being fulfilled through each of them!

The “Ugly Wrapped” Birthday Present

My birthday is May 22. So a few weeks prior to that date, I asked Abba Father for a birthday present. I’m not picky, so I didn’t give any suggestions. He knows me better than anyone, and I trust Him to give only good gifts — so I left the choice to Him! I just wanted a token blessing from Him to remind me of His love. I know it sounds silly, but He loves me anyway and in spite of my silliness.

Well, May 22, rolls around, and I find myself sitting in the Emergency Room with Billy whom doctors believe is having another heart attack! I was scared, upset, and worried! Not the quite birthday at home I had envisioned.

I said, “Lord, I asked You for a birthday present! What is this? What is going on? Show me, Lord —-“

Jesus came to me right there in the ER. He hugged me, took my right hand, and very calmly said, “I’ve got this.”

Well, after several days in the hospital following lots of tests, including a heart cath, Billy is released. Diagnosis: no heart attack, no blockages, symptoms are a reaction to blood pressure medications. Okay, that’s great! Relieved, but still very puzzled. This could have happened any time. What’s the connection with it happening on my birthday? 

I don’t mean to sound self-absorbed and self-centered. I just don’t believe in coincidence and everything that touches my life I am constantly looking for God in it, or His solution, or His revelation through it. He doesn’t cause the bad things, but He certainly is the ANSWER in the midst of it all! So, having said that, Tuesday evening after we got home I went for a walk up the road. Mine and Jesus’ church time! 

I immediately began asking again, “Okay, what’s the deal? What’s going on with Billy having heart trouble on my birthday?”

He replied that it wasn’t about Billy but about me — learning to trust Him! Well, God if it was a test, I believe I failed it in royal colors! I was so scared and fretful! I was so out of Your Kingdom where PEACE reigns! Forgive me Lord for not trusting You when You told me that You had this!

Three days later, Josey resent me a link to a sermon on You Tube by Pastor Steven Furtick called “Naming Rights“. I decided to listen to it that night, and what follows is my interpretation, personal application, and paraphrase of this freeing revelation:

“The greatest sorrow of my life has produced the greatest strength! …….not receiving the secret desire of my heart (my greatest sorrow) has caused me to run straight into Jesus’ loving arms — His Presence (my greatest blessing!)

I’m burying the thing that caused me sorrow — I’ve done everything I could to fix and change it.  So, I’m calling it ‘My Greatest Blessing’ because the  pain of NOT obtaining that heart’s desire has driven me into the Holy of Holies — His Blessed Presence — where I have experienced the greatest JOY of my life!

I’m burying the dead thing — I’m burying it . . . and I’m moving on! 

Genesis 35: 19-21

v. 19 – “Rachel died and was buried . . . ”  (Jacob buried the thing that he loved)

v. 20 – “Jacob [Supplanter; Grabber] set a pillar (monument) on her grave . . . ” (He remembered the desire – the love, the longing – of his heart)

v. 21 – Then he made a choice – he moved from that place of his heart’s desire being predominant in his thoughts and wishes!

“Then Israel (Powerful as a Prince; God perseveres; he struggles with God and prevails) journeyed on . . . “

He left his old self, his old desires of his heart and set forward in the glory of his new name!

 Something happened! My heart’s secret desire died that night.  I was released! I am free from the sorrow of the unfulfillment of my heart’s desire! And I am free from the fear of Billy dying! My greatest sorrow has definitely become my greatest Blessing! 

My heart’s desire died and I released it (buried it) and am ready to sojourn forth with my new name. Something shifted as I  renamed my greatest sorrow to the best Birthday Present EVER! It came wrapped in a really ugly, scary package (of Billy back in the hospital), but on the inside — where it counts— it is truly beautiful! FREEDOM! 

Happy Birthday to me! Thank you, Sweet Abba!

P.S.  My present wasn’t late either. Josey sent the text with the sermon link Sun., May 22, 9:22 pm! I just didn’t open my present until she resent it 5 days later!

Shhhh! Holy Spirit is whispering . . .






Eggs Hatching — Promises Breaking Forth




The children were fascinated watching our biddy hatch.  What seemed like should have been quick and easy took a long, long, long time – specially from a child’s perspective. It amazes me every time. How could God have thought of every minute detail of what that little life would need to come forth from a tiny spec to a biddy ready to fight its way out of such a tight enclosure– his egg, which had been his home for three weeks?  It’s beyond my finite mind!  I guess that’s why we call Him God!!!

Prophetically, eggs represent Promises! And just as Noah had to be a good steward of his eggs so too must we be good stewards of the Promises that God has given us.  One of the tasks that Noah had to take care of was sprinkling water on the eggs the last few days so that the egg shell would be soft enough for the biddy to be able to peck its way out.  We must also water God’s Promises with the Word.  Declaring God’s truths over the Promises that He has given.

More important than the water was maintaining the right temperature for the eggs to hatch.  We must always maintain our God Promises at a constant temperature of His Holy Presence if we expect to see our Promises breakthrough! (Luke warm just will not do!

At long last the biddy came forth — ughhh, surprise! He didn’t look like a cute little cuddly, fuzzy chick.  To begin with his down was all wet and matted to his odd shaped little body.  Our Promises are sometimes like that! Not looking a thing like what we had hoped or dreamed. But as we bask in the warmth of the Son’s Presence, just like the biddy, our Promises will break out and we become more and more like God ordained us to look and be!  The Promises He gives will help us become “changed from Glory to Glory”( II Cor. 3:18) and we become soft and attractive to all who see us!

Ahh, at last it’s time — the long awaited Promises are breaking through! Rejoice it is spring, and the promises are springing forth! Enjoy the wonder of receiving your Promises, and always remain in awe of the Awesome God who hatched them just for you!

Shhh! Holy Spirit is whispering. . .


End-Time Adoption Harvest

The Body of Christ is abuzz with talk and expectation of the end-time Harvest of Souls into Father’s Kingdom! As well we should be, and I whole heartily agree!  I believe we are living in a glorious age of Jesus’ supernatural LOVE being poured out in an unprecedented measure through Christ’s hands and feet — His Body — His Church — His Bride — us!

But I also believe God has shown me another harvest that is going to take place . . . a Harvest of Adoptions!  It has never been Father’s will that orphans should remain orphans.  He repeatedly tells us in His word to care for the orphans.  Heidi Baker says love looks like something!  What does caring for the orphans look like?  Feeding them? Clothing them?  Or maybe, just maybe it looks like adopting them?

As mother of 27 children, 24 which are adopted orphans and orphans no longer, I will say to you that adoption may not always be an easy path, but I can assure you with all certainty that it is a Godly path! Abba Father’s very heartbeat is ADOPTION!!!  He hates the thought of orphans so much so that He gave the best He had . . . Jesus, His very own Beloved Son, just so that we, spiritual orphans, could be adopted into His forever family for all eternity!  He sacrificed!  It cost Him something!  His love looked like something! Shouldn’t ours?  Shouldn’t I be willing to sacrifice time, energy, sleep, money, and my selfish desires to bless and adopt His orphans?

I believe that God is preparing His Bride’s heart for the end-time Adoption Harvest.  He is preparing our hearts to take in and care for His orphans! Do you hear Him whispering your name? Is He tugging on your heart?

The children are out there crying for a mommy and a daddy’s arms to hold them . . .

Childless couples are out there CRYING for a child to hold in their arms . . .

My prayer is that Father God in His infinite wisdom will unite the two hurting hearts … 

Are those Your arms?  Are those your tears?  God wants to fill your arms and turn your tears into tears of JOY!


Shhhh , Holy Spirit is whispering . . .